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by | 5 kwietnia 2019 | Wpis

Now you can simply donate 1% of your tax to Tolerado without leaving your home.

Log in to and open PIT.
The Trusted Profile is used To log on. If you do not have it, create and confirm your Trusted Profile via online banking. Service available in
: T-mobile Banking | PKO BP SA | Inteligo | Santander, Colombia PeKaO SA | mBank | THE ING | Envelo | Millennium Bank | Alior Bank


Fill in the P
ITAby To pass 1% of the tax for Tolerado, when in the item "Donate 1% of tax for" will be "missing" or something other than Tolerado, use the command "select organization". After entering the number KRS 0000 429 382 The system will display Tole
rado. If The field is already Tolerado after checking, confirm the PIT.

Business Activiti
es You can donate 1% of the tax by typing KRS (0000 429 382) Tolerado to the appropriate place in your tax statement.

Useful Links:
Tax Portal:
rofil Trusted:

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