Group for LGBT+ People

Integrative-advance group

Group for LGBT+ people is about the meetings that are centered around a specific issue or a topic that is important for the group.

Meetings are held once every month.

This group is meant for the people of the age 18 and above. Minors are asked to bring a consent form with a signature of a legal guardian to take part in a meeting.

Meetings - information

Dates of the meetings are determined on an ongoing basis.

Meetings are held in-person in the registered office of the Association –
ul. ks. Leona Miszewskiego 17/105 in Gdańsk.


Celine Prinz – psychologist, an active member of Tolerado who coordinates
the Equality Weekends.

Alan Kotłowski – psychology student, an active member of Tolerado.

We help and support,

because we only have #OneLife